C4D Crash course

Learn C4D in your lunch hour

This video was born out of a frustration we had for trying to learn other software ourselves. You’re a smart person, sometimes you don’t want to sit through 20 hours of tuition just to get a grasp on the tools you need to use. In this video we have distilled everything down like a fine spirit so that you can get a good founding on what the most important areas of Cinema 4D are and how they work. In this video we show you how to navigate through the interface and your project, show you how the most common modelling tools work, how to record keyframes for animation and how to texture your objects.

Lighting and rendering are also covered in enough detail that you will be able to illuminate your project and get some high quality images out of the software. Of course you won’t be an expert by the end of it, but it’s the video we wish existed when we started in 3D ourselves. There are more substantial videos out there, but quality often trumps quantity.

And it’s cheap. We like cheap.