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3D Fluff offers the highest quality and easiest to follow Cinema 4D tutorials and videos for Cinema 4D available anywhere on the internet. With over 20 years of experience, we are well aware of what people struggle with the most. Our training videos are specifically crafted to guide you through the tools you will need, and show you how to get great looking images and animations with the lowest render times.

Latest Premium Videos

Cinema 4D Animation tutorial

22 June 2018 - Keyframe Animation
This month we turn our attention to keyframe animation. whether you wish to work with physics simulations, particles or mograph, a good solid foundation in keyframe animation will take you a long way.

This tutorial series is great for Cinema 4D users of any ability level, starting right from the basics for those new to the topic, all the way to demonstrating high-end professional features such as quaternion rotations.

Cinema 4D Architecture tutorial

6 June 2018 - Exterior Architecture
Take a typical CAD file (dwg, iges, fbx, dxf etc) from Autocad, Vectorworks or similar, and use Cinema 4D to apply high quality lights, materials and rendering for a beautiful image.

In this 6 hour class you will learn how to make the image you see to the left using Cinema 4D Visualise 3D content and freely downloaded textures.

Many more Cinema 4D training courses are available.

Latest Free Videos

6 July 2018 - IES Lightmaps
Inspired by a question from one of the Cinema 4D forums, today's video shows you how to convert a regular .ies file into a lightmap, a pixel-based format which allows for later editing and exporting to real-time VR and game engines.

This process then allows for easier control with the MoGraph toolkit and less hassle when saving projects with textures.

22 June 2018 - Quaternion Rotations
Taken from the new Keyframe Animation tutorial series, this week's free video demonstrates how you can use quaternion rotations to simplify animating complex motions.

It sounds a bit scary, but once you've spent a few minutes watching, it actually turns out to be quite a simple, straightforward tool.

12 June 2018 - Viewport Secrets
If you have ever had trouble navigating in an enclosed interior space, then this video is worth a watch. In this video we explore how to improve the visual quality of your editing window, how to select 3D models in a busy scene and how to switch cameras quickly using the HUD.

Dozens more free Cinema 4D videos are waiting for you on the YouTube channel.

Bespoke Cinema 4D Training

If videos aren't your cup of tea, no worries, we also offer bespoke training courses in person around the UK. Courses typically last between 1 and 4 days and can cover any topic and any level you wish. Whether you are looking to move from Photoshop or After Effects into 3D, or are looking to take your 3D skills further, just hop on over to the training page for details.

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