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3D Fluff offers the highest quality and easiest to follow Cinema 4D tutorials and videos for Cinema 4D available anywhere on the internet. With over 20 years of experience, we are well aware of what people struggle with the most. Our training videos are specifically crafted to guide you through the tools you will need, and show you how to get great looking images and animations with the lowest render times.

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Blender Crash Course by Janine Pauke

18 June 2021 - Blender Crash Course by Janine Pauke
Ready to learn Blender, the free to use 3D Software as a solid alternative for Cinema 4D, especially when it comes to product viz?

Janine covers all the basics plus modeling, texturing, UV unwrapping, lighting, rendering and a bit of post processing in this beginner course.

Cinema 4D Architecture tutorial

24 March 2020 - Octane 2020
Tired of Cinema 4D's outdated render engines? seeing all the cool stuff everyone else is posting? Time to jump on the Octane bandwagon!

We cover all the tools you're going to need as concisely as possible. No messing about with tools you don't need, just the essentials for great looking renders:

Enjoy the first 50 minutes for free:

Cinema 4D Animation tutorial

22 June 2018 - Keyframe Animation
This month we turn our attention to keyframe animation. whether you wish to work with physics simulations, particles or mograph, a good solid foundation in keyframe animation will take you a long way.

This tutorial series is great for Cinema 4D users of any ability level, starting right from the basics for those new to the topic, all the way to demonstrating high-end professional features such as quaternion rotations.

Latest Free Videos

1 August 2018 - Cinema 4D R20
This month Maxon has announced their latest version of Cinema 4D, R20. Of course 3D Fluff has been putting it through its paces and have created this 45 minute video giving an insight in the tools you can look forward to later this year.

With Node materials, field objects and OpenVDB volumetric modelling, it's a pretty good release..

6 July 2018 - IES Lightmaps
Inspired by a question from one of the Cinema 4D forums, today's video shows you how to convert a regular .ies file into a lightmap, a pixel-based format which allows for later editing and exporting to real-time VR and game engines.

This process then allows for easier control with the MoGraph toolkit and less hassle when saving projects with textures.

Matthew O'Neill from 3D Fluff

Matthew O'Neill

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