UK Cinema 4D Training and Tutorials

Video training and personal tuition from somebody that knows what they are doing can some of the most effective ways to learn Cinema 4D. I have been working with Maxon Cinema 4D now for over 20 years and have taught thousands of individuals over the years. I know where the pitfalls are and am confident that I can answer any question you might wish to throw at me.

If you're curious who I am and what sort of presenting style I have, take a look at one of my videos just below. When I have some free time on my hands, I often like to create free Cinema 4D training videos and tutorials on YouTube for those who aren't able to attend classes in person.

How it works

Training is mostly done at your offices, we don’t need much space, though can offer conference rooms for classes if needed. We usually start at 10am and finish at 4:30pm, but don’t mind bringing this forward or starting a bit later if it fits into your day more easily.

I have been doing this long enough now that I don’t offer set courses, they’re dull, monotonous and will likely waste time covering topics you don’t particularly care about. Instead we sculpt and mould the day based around what you would like to do. Never used Cinema 4D before? we’ll take things at a pace that works for you until we reach a point where you’re happy. Been using C4D for a few years but want to know how to speed up renders and get better results? I’ve got you covered there too.

Matthew O'Neill

3D Fluff Founder


We can get you started and can give you everything you need to learn Cinema 4D in one day. Whether you are new to 3D, new to Cinema 4D or just never had a great start with the software. If you are experienced with tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator or After Effects then we can use the terminology you are most familar with.


If you have been using the software for a while but would like to delve a bit deeper then we can start out with some suitable tools. The take system to work with product variations, mograph to create interesting animations or perhaps some camera tracking to integrate video footage.


More experienced users often want to skip the boring bits and jump straight into the deep end. I can help you set up XPresso node systems, work with BxDF PBR materials or projection map some motion graphics onto a building.


Whilst certain courses tend to follow a certain pattern, particularly the beginner classes, none of my teaching is set in stone. I hated school and college lessons where the teacher methodically read chapter after chapter from a book; I promise you that everything you learn will be what you need, not what I have on a list.


One person, £345 per day. As many people as you can fit into a room, £495 per day. You are welcome to get some colleagues together or split the cost with others if you wish. Prices assume you are in or around London. If you are a bit further afield then there may be a bit extra for travel or accommodation.

If you run a training centre and would like to hire me to teach one of your classes, please contact me directly for rates, we should be able to work something out.

VAT is not charged.