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Videos and books can be a great way to learn, but the most effective way is always going to be personal training from somebody that knows what they are doing.

3D Fluff have taught thousands of individuals over the years. We know what works, we know where the pitfalls are and we are confident that we can answer any question you might wish to throw at us.

How Can We Help?

A New Hope

Many of the people we teach are new to Cinema 4D or 3D in general, we make sure to explain clearly not just how the tools work, but why you should use one over another so that you are comfortable with making decisions later on.

Build Rome In A Day

Architecture and 3D rendering are like Bacon and eggs; they work fine by themselves but they make something amazing when combined. We’ll show you all the nifty little tips which will push your renderings that extra bit further so you can win more work from you clients.

Shopping Spree

The other side of the coin from product visualisation is somewhere to showcase them. We can help you build and illuminate shop interiors, point of sale locations and experiential stands for airports and arenas.

Product Visuals

Making your client’s products look snazzy is a staple of 3D work. We’ll show you how to texture, light and present your models in the nicest possible way, aiming for either an illustrative look or something more photo realistic.

In & Out

Bring Photoshop and Illustrator artwork into Cinema 4D for creating logos, titles and idents. Export it back out again with multiple layers and depth passes for finishing in Photoshop, or with camera tracking data for After Effects compositing.

Das Blinkenlights

Cinema 4D is probably the most used piece of 3D animation software for motion graphics outside of After Effects. Whether you wish to learn mograph, particles or AE export, we’ll show you everything you might need.


Training is mostly done at your offices, we don’t need much space, though we can offer conference rooms if needed.

We usually start at 10am and finish at 4:30pm, but we don’t mind bringing this forward or starting a bit later if it fits into your day more easily.


Our teachers are experienced enough that we don’t offer set courses, they’re dull, monotonous and will likely waste time covering topics you don’t particularly care about. Instead we sculpt and mould the day based around what you would like to do.

Never used Cinema 4D before? we’ll take you through things at a pace that works for you until we reach a point where you’re happy. Been using C4D for a few years but want to know how to speed up renders and get better results? We’ve got you covered there too.


Our prices are very simple, £495 per day to teach as many people at your company as you like (feel free to get together some friends if you would like to split the cost) or if you are a lone freelancer then we offer a discounted rate of £345 per day.

These prices assume you are in or around London; if you are a bit further afield then there may be a bit extra for travel or accommodation. We do not charge VAT

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