Our videos have consistently been described as the best you can get for Cinema 4D. We don’t just tell you what to do, we tell you why you’re doing it and what your other options are. We’re also not afraid of telling you which tools to avoid and how to work around problems (C4D is great, but nothing in life is perfect).

All of our videos are simple MP4 movies which will play on pretty much any computer, tablet, phone or media device. There’s nothing to install and there is no DRM to stop you from watching your videos wherever and whenever you like. Anything you buy is yours to own forever.

Trade Secrets

More insider knowledge than an Enron board meeting

High Speed

Edit and render faster than ever

Product Visualisation

Probably the best tutorial in the world

C4D Introduction

Learn C4D from scratch, thoroughly

C4D Crash Course

No messing about, everything you need to know in under an hour

Architectural Interiors

Global Illumination explained, render times tamed

R12 Introduction

5 hours of awesome. A thorough going over of all the features you’ll need

R13 Photorealism

Improve your materials, lighting and rendering with Janine Pauke

Polygon Modelling

Sit down and get comfy

Physical Render

“Let’s get physical, physical…” Yeah, it’s the physical render engine

R13 Hair

A quick snip, trim and a blow dry from the lovely Janine

Water Surface

Get a little wet for free in this YouTube video

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