Cinema 4D R19 Keyframe Animation

Maxon's C4D suite offers a range of different methods for animating objects such as physics, mograph and particles. Regardless of which tool you use, they all require a fundamental base knowledge of keyframe animation to control them. In this new Cinema 4D animation tutorial series we explore every facet of keyframe animation all the way from the basics for complete novices to high end functions for experienced professionals.

What is covered

This video collection plays for over 5 hours and runs the full gamut of timeline tools. Starting with the absolute basics of how to create and work with keyframes, we quickly move on to how best to handle the animation tracks and their associated keys. If you already have some experience, feel free to skip the first introduction video and jump straight into some of the more advanced content.

For the more intermediate and advanced users we cover different ways of controlling interpolation between keyframes and importantly how to best control the mountain of display settings and filters which can make the timeline a daunting tool to use.

Also covered are some of the more advanced esoteric sounding features such as quaternion rotations to avoid gimballing (check out the video above for a quick peek of what is possible), Freezing transformations to make animation easier and more straightforward and Euler filters to repair broken rotation tracks.

Additionally we show you how to work with audio files, apply spline following tags and cover which render settings you will need to adjust to render out your animations, including best working practices. Overall this video tutorial collection will show you how to do pretty much everything with keyframe animation from start to finish.

  • Basic Introduction

    If you're not really sure what keyframes are, or if the idea of interpolation leaves you scratching your head, don't worry. The first chapter covers all the basics for you, even if you have never dealt with animation before, you will be fine.

  • Dopesheet Keyframes

    We cover how to work with keyframes, including adding and removal, easing in and out, along with moving keyframes from one object to another

  • F-Curves

    Curves will give you finer control over the acceleration, speed, and deceleration of your objects in 3D space. If you have used these before but found them tricky to understand or work with, we simplyfy it all down to the controls you truly need.

  • Motion Capture Data

    Although this video series doesn't specifically deal with character animation, we do still cover how to deal with large numbers of keyframes. If your dopesheet is flooded with unwanted keyframes, we cover track cleanup, sequence simplification, key reduction and RM curves.

  • Extra Utilities

    A big part of this tutorial collection is how to use all of the various extra tools which come with the software. Keeping things in place with markers, precisely looping animations, replacing PLA tracks with pose morphs. We also keep hold of interpolation with overdubbing features and ripple editing.

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