helloluxx Cinema 4D Natural Environments

Natural scenes can be one of the trickier environments to master in 3D. In this training package from helloluxx we cover a series of techniques for dealing with large numbers of complex 3D model trees as well as how to create rocks, water and leaves with Laubwer Plants.

What is covered

Presented by Marijn from helloluxx, The Natural Envionments tutorial series covers everything you need to know to produce the images you see on this page.Using the Laubwerk tree plugin, you will create everything, including a dense forest floor of fallen autumn leaves, a small river flowing through the landscape and riverside rocks.

Totalling 4.5 hours and split over a dozen chapters, this training series covers users of cinema 4D R16-R19. Although you need the Laubwerk plugin to fully follow this tutorial, you are more than welcome to use your own collection of plants if you would like to use this tutorial for the lighting and materials aspect instead.

Trees in field, autumnTrees in field, autumn

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