helloluxx Cinema 4D Rigging

Rigging in 3D doesn't just have to be for character animation. Joints and weighting tools allow you to smoothly animate all sorts of objects. Tim Clapham from helloluxx shows you how Cinema 4D's rigging tools can help you in almost any animation project.

What is covered

3D Fluff are happy to host Tim Clapham from helloluxx in this 6.7 hour compilation of easy to follow rigging techniques. Although the rigging tools are naturally advertised as being the best way to animate 3D characters, the truth is that they also function as an excellent set of tools for all sorts of other animation projects.

Take something seemingly straightforward like bending a paper page in a book. Certainly you could make a basic animation using nothing more than a bend deformer or two, but if you apply Cinema 4D's joint rigging and weighting tools to the page, you open up a new level of control. With joints you now have the ability to fine tune how the page curls along its length and can additionally control each corner individually.


Pushing things further, Tim shows you how to control pose to pose morphs, joint constraints to keep things from bending the wrong way, and xpresso controls to automatically link parameters; an essential skill when rigging more complicated objects.

This video collection is recorded with Cinema 4D R18 and is compatible with R13-R19. Please do note though that if you are using a version of Cinema 4D older than R16, some of the interface names and positions may have changed slightly, but you should still be able to follow along just fine. The video is presented at 1600 x 900

  • Dynamics

    Dynamics plays an important roll in rigging objects. With the jiggle deformer you can create automatic secondary animation such as bouncing bums and bellies.

  • Vertex Maps

    If you have never used vertex maps before, now is the time learn their true potential. By softly selecting various parts of the model with different strengths, you can smoothly fade the rigging effects in and out.

  • L-Systems

    Discover the often overlooked Lindenmeyer system within Mograph to quickly fold, unfurl and branch out complex shapes quickly and without fuss.

  • Folding Cardboard

    Fold and assemble cardboard product packaging whilst still maintaining a single smooth mesh with rounded corners, a notoriously difficult task.

  • Hierarchies

    Correctly set up hierarchies of joints and objects so your animations can be controlled from the end of the chain with inverse kinematics.

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