Octane 2020 Crash Course

Learning a new render engine can be one of the most daunting tasks an existing Cinema 4D user can take on. With this video collection we aim to take a typical C4D user through the entire process of what they will need to know to start working with Otoy's Octane render engine as quickly as possible.

What is covered

The 3D Fluff ethos has always been to make videos which show the features a user will genuinely need, to the duration that they warrant. Nobody wants to sit through the reference manual in video form. For this reason we have assembled what we believe to be the most concise collection of videos to get you up to speed with Otoy's Octane render engine.

Starting with the basics of how Octane works, we discuss how rendering in Octane will differ from C4D's built in render engines. Working with the live view window for instant lighting and material changes, you will no longer have to sit through lengthy 'preparing' or GI caching stages. Although Octane can use standard C4D lights, cameras and materials, we show you which special Octane tags you should be using and what benefits they will bring.

The lessons continue to show you which of Octane's numerous material types you should be using most often, along with how to get the most from the lighting system. We will then take a breather at the mid way point to start working with an actual project, texturing up and lighting a Raspberry Pi circuit board. The collection is then finished off with extensive guidance of how to improve quality and speed up the rendering process, before finishing off with general working advice and some tips on how to avoid common causes of crashes.

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Recorded with Octane 2020 and Cinema 4D R21, this video collection is fully compatible with Octane 4.00 and Octane 2019. It can also be used without trouble in with Cinema 4D versions ranging from R15 to R21.

The total running time of this video collection is approximately 5.5 hours, though if you are in a rush, it can be completed in 5 hours by skipping the project and general advice videos. The video and project download size is around 10Gb.

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