R13 Photorealism

Take a good thing and make it better

A project-based tutorial video this time. Janine takes you through every step of the process to create a product visual, everything from modelling the object based on the provided sketches to texturing, lighting and rendering the finished product.

Everything is taken into consideration including the environment to get nice reflections across the surface and the backdrop so that your product has somewhere nice to sit.

the bulk of this tutorial can be completed in the Prime edition of Cinema 4D, but if you have one of the higher end packages such as Visualize or Studio, then we go a little bit further to show you some extra tips and techniques you can use.

We assume you have a basic understanding of Cinema 4D, if you have never used the software before then you’ll be best off with one of our introduction videos first. All the files you need are included along with project files to show you what everything should look like at each step of the process.