Architectural Interiors

Let’s stay indoors

Ever wondered how the high end professionals get such nice looking architectural renders? Then wonder no more as 3D Fluff reveals more secrets than Edward Snowden. You don’t need high end computers, you just need the right settings.

Many people advocate buying expensive and difficult to use third party render engines, whilst they can help, Cinema 4D’s built in Physical render engine is perfectly capable of getting great results without too much fuss, let us show you how.

Discover the best global illumination settings for fast clean renders, including silky smooth animations without any flicker. Bring the physical render engine under control, many people who try this engine find it too slow, we’ll show you how to get great looking images rendered out in just a few minutes.

Throughout the video we show you how to handle importing CAD file formats, converting them into 3D models and how to adjust your models for higher quality and faster renders. Create ultra realistic looking glass, slick wooden floors with a nice sheen and learn about lighting gobos and shadow settings.