C4D Introduction

Sit down, relax, and learn

If you’re looking to learn Cinema 4D at a nice steady pace then you will probably like what we have to offer you. In this series of videos we take you through everything you’ll need to know to get a good grounding in Maxon’s flagship software.

Split over ten videos we give you five and a half hours of tuition to take you through the basics of how to navigate through the app and add simple geometry; through easy parametric spline tools, then finish off with polygon and subdivision modelling.

You will learn how to create your own materials to give your objects realistic surfaces, how to illuminate your scenes with the different light types and how to render out great quality images.

For those interested we also cover animation, keyframes and fcurves for controlling how fast your objects move and how smoothly they accelerate. Deformers are also covered in enough detail that you will be able to use them for both modelling objects and animating changes to them.

So click up above and have a look, or click down below and grab it now.