Trade Secrets

Everything you never realised you needed

There’s a lot of tools and commands in Cinema 4D that sit there, hidden away, only used by a few people who know about them and their hidden potential. Did you know for example that there is a real-time tool for positioning reflections on surfaces which requires no test renders?

Gain control over your working environment with advanced interface controls and scene navigation around tricky objects & tight corners. Discover new ways to quickly convert polygon and point selections between each other to make creating selections easier.

Animators will be shown new ways to record animations and powerful editing tools such as RM curves for control of huge numbers of keyframes. Creatively repurpose character animation tools you didn’t think you needed into commands which can help you in your daily work.

Materials and surfaces make up a healthy portion of the knowledge on offer here. We walk you through activating animated material previews to show how transparent surfaces will bend light; how to gain clearer editor previews of what your materials will do and how to crispen up material details during rendering.

Have you ever had problems with white halos around the outside of alpha channels within materials or whilst rendering? Or perhaps the reflectance channel with its legion of sliders is giving you headaches, both topics are covered in enough detail to clear your migraine.

The modelling section will show you how to model your objects even whilst they are being deformed and how to quickly thicken up objects with no depth. We also show you how to bend the snapping tools to your will with the often missed perpendicular and dynamic guide system.

An important part of this video collection is recovering when the worst happens. How to wake the software up when it has frozen, how to recover files you didn’t save after a crash and even how to repair broken .c4d files that have become corrupted!

Runs for just under 5 hours, fully compatible with R17 and R18 but still 99% compatible with any version after R12